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Horn and Hock Cutting

M-9 Sheep Horn Cutter, Hydraulic  
PART NO.: 6608600

  • Powerful machine for high production plants.
  • Can remove horns of sheep and goat efficiently.
  • Easy to handle and maneuver for operator comfort.
  • Stainless steel construction.
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Technical Specifications

Drive: Hydraulic
Weight: 8 kg (18 Lbs)
Blade Opening: 3.3" (84 mm)
Blade Length: 5" (127 mm)
Air Pressure: 90 psi (6 bar)
Control Handle Type: Single or Dual Trigger / Air
Anti Tie Down optional

Power Unit: HPP-III-A: Hydraulic Power Unit, 3HP

  • Motor: 2240 Watt (3HP)
  • (208 V - 550 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase)
  • Hydraulic Pressure: 103 bar (1,500 psi)
  • Oil Capacity: 10 Gallons
  • Flow: 3.0 GPM
  • Dimensions:
    483 mm L x 432 mm W x 712 mm H
    (19" L x 17" W x 28" H)
  • Weight (without oil): 53 kg (116 lbs)
  • Hose Length: 15 ft (4.5 m)
  • Control: Air Controlled with Electric Valve

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    Power Unit: B-2: Booster, Air Over Oil

  • Air Pressure Required: 6-7 bar (100 psi)
  • Air Volume - output: 4.5 cu.in.
  • Hydraulic Pressure - output: 103bar (1,500 psi)
  • Dimensions:
    280 mm W x 380 mm L x 585 mm H
    (11" W x 15" L x 23" H)
  • Weight: 21.5 kg (47 lbs)
  • Hose Length: 15 ft (4.5 m)

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    Equipment and Accessories

    M-9 Sheep Horn Cutter, Hydraulic 6608600
    HPP-III-A Hydraulic Power Unit, 3HP 6517000
    B-2 Booster, Air Over Oil 6610050
    Blade M-9, Blade, Horn Cutter 6608610
    Balancer Balancer: 18-22 lbs (8-10 kg), Travel: 8.2 ft (2.5m) 7100230
    Hydraulic Hydraulic Hose, 15 feet 7303670

    Technical Documentation

    M-9 Manual: Revision A   Download (pdf)

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